Dr Yi Han Cheng was a qualified engineer and pilot before deciding to pursue his career in occupational medicine. He is a qualified aviation doctor.

Dr Cheng is locally trained and is passionate about occupational medicine, return to work and evidence based best practice. Dr Cheng is fluent in Chinese.

Dr Cheng has a 90% return to pre-injury work rate within the first 3 months of injury. Since starting the service in February, we have had no lost time for new injuries and an average time to clearance for normal duties of 18 days. 70% of workers have been cleared for normal duties within 1 week and 85% within 2 weeks of presentation.

Dr Cheng join our allied health professionals as part of our Specialised Early Intervention Service (SEIS), and is supported by four Occupational Physicians as well as our fast tracked Second Opinion Medicine Specialists.


Occupational Doctor