Our aims:

SEIS is a multidisciplinary service targeted at the small proportion of South Australia Workers Compensation claims that account for over 90% of its costs.  We have developed a highly effective screening tool to identify these proportion of claims who we consider to need high level specialist care.  Our aim is to reduce this proportion of claims, to achieve a favourable health and return to work outcome for these workers and to potentially reduce its costs exponentially.

We aim to facilitate work capacity and lower the risk of chronicity via :

  • Identifying complex worker injuries with poor prognostic indicators within the first 2 to 4 weeks of injury.
  • Provide early and accurate diagnosis.
  • Recommend or implement appropriate treatment.
  • Identify suitable and sustainable duties at the workplace by conducting a worksite visit.
  • Promote early return to work.
  • Identify and manage all barriers in a biopsychosocial context.
  • Provide succinct effective communication.
  • Actively promote and implement Injury Prevention

Complex worker injury criteria for SEIS:

  • High levels of pain
  • Psychosocial-Industrial issues
  • Flag factors
    • > 3 days off work
    • Sequalae claim
    • P­­rior extensive absenteeism
    • Previous claim / multiple claims/ MVA claims
    • Immediate legal representation
  • Pain at other body parts
  • Multiple injuries
  • Uncertain diagnosis
  • Failure to improve as anticipated
  • Medical co-morbidities & Obesity
  • Cultural issues
  • Doctor or practitioner shopping
  • Any concerns from any stakeholders